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Teddy Dunn Campaign of Love
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8th-Jun-2006 11:23 am(no subject)
10 & Rose - Hi!
I was just thinking about this community the other day and I was wondering how things turned out. Like, how many bears ended up getting sent? And how many people sent postcards? Just curious.
15th-Apr-2006 04:02 pm - Message From Teddy...
Anya- Why Me?
Hey guys! I was at the Veronica Mars Season 2 wrap party last night, and I ran into Teddy. I managed to have a short conversation with him about the Teddy Bear projects, and he said he thought it was a great idea, and he was very flattered that he had such wonderful fans who were doing all of this in his name. He wanted to thank all of you guys for your hard work. He was also happy to hear that his message was able to get passed onto us, he hadn't heard yet whether or not we'd been able to see it.

So, yeah, he's very appriciative of all of this, so let's keep up the hard work for him and this cause!

Speaking of the cause, all of the checks and stuff went through my PayPal, so tomorrow or Monday I am going to head on over to Target or WalMart and buy the Teddy Bears. The package should be sent to Africa by mid-week! I meant to do all of this before this weekend, but with the filming season coming to a close and all the madness with trying to get a new apartment, I've totally been swamped and didn't get around to it.

I'll keep you all updated!
4th-Apr-2006 11:13 am - Teddy Bear Orphanage Drive
Anya- Why Me?
Hey Guys! The response to this has been great! Thank you guys so much for supporting the cause.

Just a reminder that there are still 6 days left to get your Bears in if you haven't already! We'll be sending everything out next week! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again!
27th-Mar-2006 09:23 pm - Another Idea
Anya- Why Me?
You guys can support or shoot down this idea, but it just came to mind, and I thought I would run it by you guys.

A friend of mine has recently been deployed to Djbuti, Africa. During his spare time he has decided to volunteer at a local orphanage, and has asked my roommate and I for donations to the orphanage. Since then we've been collecting art supplies, toys, and clothes for the kids (of all ages).

One thing I noticed that we don't have in our shipment to the orphanage is Teddy bears.

Hence where my idea came in. If it's okay that I ask to do this (and mod/s, feel free to delete if it's not!), I'm going to see if anyone is interested in sending me Teddy bears that I can then send to my friend to donate to the orphanage in Teddy's name.

Yes, this would require you to put faith in me that the Teddy bears will go to their intended destination... but since I already have a Teddy of my own you can trust that I won't keep them! Hahaha. I'll take pictures of the bears going into the package and being sent out, and maybe even pictures of them getting delivered to the children if that can be arranged (I'm not sure of the rules of photography at the orphanage), and post them here so you guys can share in their happiness.

If this is okay, and anyone is interested, I will make another post giving you the address where you can send the Teddy bears. This WILL be my home address, so I would "Friends" lock the post, and appriciate it if the address wasn't shared... even though I am living here for only another month, and I doubt anyone would want to stalk me... but you never know!
27th-Mar-2006 07:53 pm - YES.
homocide | most happenin' joint

Keep sending those postcards and donating bears, baby!

17th-Mar-2006 04:32 pm(no subject)
homocide | most happenin' joint
We are really dropping the ball, here.

Has anyone written and sent their postcard? Gotten their teddy bears? ANYTHING?

What happened to all the excitment over this project?

Teddy Dunn
"Veronica Mars"
Stu Segall Productions
4705 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

Teddy Dunn
c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

I think we should send postcards to these addresses. Either the second one - because we don't know when or if he'll be back at the VMars production offices, sadly enough - OR to both. Write the same thing on two postcards and send one to each address. Just in case. ;)

Things you can write:
- specific moments of Duncan's you love/are impressed with.
- if you've met him, you can mention how nice he was, etc.
- Wish him luck in whatever he chooses to do in the future.
- if you saw him on Grey's Anatomy.
- if you're donating a teddy bear.
- anything else positive that fits. :D

Things to avoid:
- "omg Logan is so much cooler, but you're cute too." ;P
- The Austin details.

The Teddy Bears:
- to be donated in Teddy Dunn's name to hospitals.
- How exactly do we do that, anyway? I've never donated anything in anyone else's name.
- Yeah, it'll be strange, just donating a single bear to a hospital, but.. what else can we do?

Lastly, no, I have not heard anything about Teddy actually recieving the bear and letter. I'm too scared to ask Michael. Heh.

2nd-Mar-2006 04:59 pm - Address?
homocide | most happenin' joint
"Veronica Mars"
Stu Segall Productions
4705 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

c/o Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Now. Can we be SURE that he would get our postcards if we sent them there?

We need to donate teddy bears, too. Apparently we should just donate them to local hospitals in Teddy's name, as I don't know where we could send them to then be donated to a San Diego hospital all.. at once.

Write whatever happy things you want on your postcard, but try not to mention the whole Austin thing.

Er. Anything else?
17th-Feb-2006 03:25 pm(no subject)
homocide | most happenin' joint

With teddy bears on them. :)

And we need an address to send them to.

This is important!
7th-Feb-2006 12:48 pm - The bear!
homocide | most happenin' joint
Seriously, we need to figure stuff out for the postcards and teddy bear donating.

Finally I post the pictures of the bear!Collapse )

Now! Postcards!
1st-Feb-2006 08:56 pm - Update!
homocide | most happenin' joint
So, do we know anything about the WONDERFUL and GENEROUS offer of using MI.net for the postcard thing? I mean, do we have to do anything special to set that up? Is the lovely backup10 even here? ;)

That's the main thing.

The other thing is:

The bear is on its way!

I have, in a package, the bear, letter, and card for Michael, ready to go tomorrow morning. It will be sent overnight, to arrive around noon-ish on Friday. I know it's a day later than Michael asked for, but circumstances, yeah? Things happen. :P

The point is, everyone I know is AWESOME. Ambs is awesome for sending me the transfer paper and of course being my partner in crime; you all are awesome for being included and giving ideas in the first place; and my cousin is awesome for offering up his printer and ink to use, finding a box for the stuff, telling me how great overnight delivery is, and offering to take the package to mail first thing in the morning.

So.. three cheers for Ambs, you all, and my cousin Ben who knows SQUAT about VMars! ;D

I also took pictures that I shall post tomorrow, most likely. Hee.

First phase down. Let's continue this, shall we? :)
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